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The Indecision 11: Jimmy Pardo


Funnyman Jimmy Pardo subjected himself to Indecision’s politics questionnaire. Who knew he cared so much about James K. Polk?

Jimmy! James!


Today in Ask Rick Santorum: a tough breakup, a bad dress, trouble on the job and car problems.

Do you have a question for Rick Santorum? Email indecision AT, subject line: Ask Rick Santorum.

The guy thinks he has all the answers. Let’s see if he has all the answers.

Comedy Central's Indecision: now 100% more on Tumblr

Hey look, Indecision’s on Tumblr now! This is mostly so I can retire the ‘work’ tag here on my personal Tumblr. I will try to refrain from posting pictures of my cats over there, but there’s nowhere in the Constitution that says I can’t, so…