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When asked where she predicts women will go in comedy this year, she replied, “Wherever they want.”
This is a very rare lead role in cinema. Women, I find, we’re defined a lot by men and thus defined by our gender, who we are through our relationship with men, be it as a victim or a love relationship. The idea that this is a woman who defines herself by her work and by her brain and doesn’t try to sleep with her superiors, that to me is really inspiring.
I saw Zero Dark Thirty last night and I thought it was incredible, and important, even if it isn’t perfect. I want to write more about it but I have work to do right now. This quote from Jessica Chastain gets at some of what I was thinking.
[Claire McCaskill] “had a confidence and was very much more sort of ladylike” in 2006 campaign.

Missouri Republican U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin  - Bloomberg (via brooklynmutt)

Maybe Todd Akin’s feet are coated in delicious barbecue sauce and that is why he cannot stop sticking them in his mouth.

On women’s biological defenses

If a bank is being robbed, women can secrete a substance that simultaneously alerts police and scrambles the vault combinations.

If a cab driver refuses to go to Brooklyn, women can secrete a substance that causes his tires to deflate.

If a kitten is stuck in a tree, women can secrete a substance that forms a wide, soft net.

If you have a bad hangover, women can secrete a substance that goes to the deli and buys aspirin, Gatorade and an egg-and-cheese sandwich.

If the GPS breaks, women can secrete a substance that identifies the exit you need.

If a representative to the United States Congress is a clueless dipshit, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

I rode the train with an important political operative this weekend

Overheard: “I like to read, and dance, and sing. Also cook. I want to be a fashion designer, that’s plan A, pretty much. But also I would like to be the person who gets a woman elected president of the United States.”

Keep your eyes peeled for this one. She’s a little over four feet tall, wears glasses and beaded braids, last seen on an F train heading toward Midwood.

"This whole sort of witch-hunt mentality, this Internet witch hunt thing, I thought the Internet was going to be about buying car parts and looking at porn," he said.

Hey 1998, what up


Amy Poehler backstage at 92Y tonight with two young fans. Read the live tweets here. 

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Amy Poehler backstage at 92Y tonight with two young fans. Read the live tweets here

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