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But the star of the night, the attraction that shone even brighter than the brief stand-up set by the guy who played Benny on Home Improvement, was none other than Joe “Sheriff Joe” Arpaio, America’s Ego-est Sheriff, the Brazen Self-Promoter of Maricopa County.
I could’ve gone 2k words on this, easy, but, you know. Comedy blog.

This is either an invitation or a warning

Next week I’m guesting on one of the internet’s most important music chat shows, where the topic at hand will be Bruce and the new album. Because of this, and because the new album is out official-like on 3/6 (talk about Super Tuesday!) and there’s all this promotion going on, I have been collarbone-deep in “Wrecking Ball” for the past three days, taking notes, and then of course I have to go back into the catalog to figure out some of the context and parallels, and for comparison purposes.

(I spent a lot of time with “Working on a Dream” the other day, that’s such an easy one to forget, but there really are some fine moments, that godawful supermarket song notwithstanding—and even that, in a way, I’m starting to enjoy because it’s comforting to know how terrible even the best, most enduring artists in the world can be.)

(And I still think you should stop whatever you’re doing right now and go listen to “Tunnel of Love” beginning to end.)

As for my feelings about “Wrecking Ball,” well, you’ll just have to watch to find out. But if you have feelings, or thoughts, I would love to hear them now! Drop ‘em in the ask box, or email me at mphillipssandy at gmail. I will say this: I think it’s criminally redactive to focus on the “angry record” angle, there’s a lot more going on here, and not all of it succeeds but I am excited by its ambitiousness, and its playfulness. And if you can listen to the Clarence sax solo on “Land of Hopes and Dreams” without crying, I don’t want to know you. And “You Got It,” yow. And the big single is the least interesting thing on this record. And and and.

My point is that this Tumblr is going to be mostly Bruce-related for the next few days. Please bear with me/enjoy.